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19-PGRAY-0261 - Rebranding - Phase 3-Log

Purvis Gray was founded in Gainesville in 1946 by Roy Purvis and Howard Gray, two University of Florida Accounting Professors. Since then, we have established additional offices in Ocala, Tallahassee, Sarasota, Orlando and Tampa. All are "home grown," created without merger or acquisition. Despite our growth, we still operate as one cohesive firm with a single culture—doing things the “Purvis Gray Way!”


The firm’s philosophy is based on the fundamental concept that our reason for existence is to be of service to our clients. We accomplish this by being sensitive to the needs of our clients, and by providing a high level of quality through the development of educated and trained professionals.

We believe that if we help our staff and clients to be successful, the firm will continue to grow and will fulfill the goals and visions of its founding members, Roy Purvis and Howard Gray, and all the others to follow.

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