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At Purvis Gray, our Hospitality Services Group provides a wide range of services to restaurants, hotels, timeshare developers and real-estate management companies. We also work extensively with all types of common-interest realty associations, from small homeowner's associations to large timeshare associations and multi-use condominium associations. 

In the fast-paced restaurant and hospitality industries, it's vital to find a CPA who can understand the complexities and regulations needed for compliance. The professionals at Purvis Gray are well-informed of industry challenges and constantly-changing tax implications. We are committed to providing a high level of services so clients can focus on day-to-day operations and strategic goals. 



  • Financial Statement Audits, Reviews and Compilations

  • Gross Receipts Audits 

  • Cost Segregation Studies 

  • Bookkeeping 

  • Tip Reporting 

  • Inventory Management 

  • Tax Return Preparation 

  • Tax Planning Strategies 

  • Sales Tax Audits

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